• When You Are

    Regardless of the flaws, love can remove all barriers. When that person smiles, you remember exactly why you fell so hard...


  • Perfect Night

    A couple sit on a rug under the starry sky, the imperfections of the day melt away to reveal that one perfect night.


  • I Wish You Knew

    He left her to pick up the pieces and in her compassion, she refused to let him see the pain he caused and could only wish he...


  • Can’t Say I’m...

    It is through the little actions in life that we can hurt someone the most. This hurt-felt cry, asks why it's so hard to say two...



Your next hit

At 19, Amy Labordus is already an accomplished writer, composer, arranger and performer. The 4 demo tracks on this site demonstrate the potential of each song (imagine them with your voice or your orchestra!). More importantly they are here to demonstrate Amy's talents and skills as a young Australian composer(ette) and they invite you to consider what Amy could do for your next hit, play, TV show or movie.


If you are an artist manager or performer and looking for new creative works for, contact Amy by leaving a message below.


“Talent on Tap”

Never have I met anyone with more passion for music - the girl is talent on tap - Eilannin Dhu, Perth


Your songs are fantastic, Michael Buble should be impressed! - Paul Millard Music