When You Are

November 16, 2010 1 Comment

Regardless of the flaws, love can remove all...


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When You Are

Regardless of the flaws, love can remove all barriers. When that person smiles, you remember exactly why you fell so hard…


You are listening to: When you are, by Amy Labordus

Your next hit Your next hitYour next hitYour next hitYour next hitDEMO ONLY: The 4 demo tracks on this site demonstrate the potential of each song (imagine them with your voice or your orchestra!). More importantly they are here to demonstrate Amy’s talents and skills as a young Australian composer(ette) and they invite you to consider what Amy could do for your next hit, play, TV show or movie.


Words and Music by Amy Labordus
Performed by Owen Measday
Arranged by Paul Millard
Produced by Jerry Freedman at Jericho Studios

Piano: Amy Labordus
Guitar: Ben Humphreys
Drums: Bronton Ainsworth
Vocals: Owen Measday
Sax and Flute: Paul Millard
Bass: Stephen Walker

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